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Yoga for Backs

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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs courses

Back discomfort is a common problem. Now there is a an innovative evidence based way to improve back health and function. The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme gently and progressively aims to help people get back to being more active again.

I have been running these course at Beechwood House for the last 4 years and the feedback has been brilliant. On the course you learn how to manage pain and gently and gradually build the strength to enable you to feel better more of the time.

The programme is evidence based and supported by Arthritis Research Uk. It has been offered up under the NHS as pilots, but is currently not funded in Wales despite it offering the nationally recommended approach to long term self-care.

This course is also suitable for people who just want to start moving again. It has also helped people who have had hip replacements.

An example technique is nicknamed the “Gardeners pose” or Sacroiliac Stabiliser great to do after gardening, hoovering or after you have been bent forward for a while.

The next course will be in January 2020 — please see for more information on this course and the research that has gone into it.If you decide to book onto the forthcoming course:

You will need to purchase the Resource pack prior to starting which goes with the course at

The course consists of 12 weekly classes with breaks and offers a lifelong healthy living toolkit.

Course price — £150.00 for 12 weeks, payable in 2 instalments.

Course dates Due to Covid no live courses planned


Please contact me for more info and to book onto course

Refresher sessions for those who have completed YHLB course

None at present

Yoga Classes suitable for those suffering with their backs.

Due to present circumstances halls unavailable I am offering these gentle classes for backs online via Zoom on Thursday eve 7-8