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Yoga Classes


Sue’s regular classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate yoga students. Please get in touch to reserve a place or for more information.

Please bring a non-slip mat, blanket and a pair of socks to the class. Classes start promptly at the times advertised, so please arrive at least 5 minutes early. If class has already started, please enter quietly and join in when you are ready – please don’t disrupt the other students.

I look forward to seeing you


CLASS TIMES & VENUES All halls are closed due to Coronavirus restrictions except for Thursday morning at the Woodland Community Centre which starts back live 27th May 2021

Please see Online Yoga Classes for details

Class Cost £7.00

Please contact me if you wish to join as due to popularity of yoga limited places available.

NB I also teach at the Forum at the Celtic Manor on a Tuesday eve 19.30-21.00 (members only). This is now open.

MONDAYS — NB no classes on Bank Holidays

  • 09:45 am – 11:15 am Caerleon Town Hall, Church Street, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1AW
  • 11.30 -12.45 am Caerleon Town Hall, Church Street, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1AW
  • 06:30 pm – 08:00 pm Hatherleigh Community Centre, Whitstone Road, Newport NP19 8BB


  • GENTLE YOGA 17.30-18.30 at Caerleon Town Hall, Church Street, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1AW

This class is for individuals who want to get back into exercising gently and to improve and maintain health, it is open to all ages and body shapes men and women, you do not need to be flexible. NB This class will always be a beginners class.


  • 9.30-10.30 Caerleon Town Hall, Church Street, Caerleon Newport NP18 1AW (Somatic Yoga to re-educate your body to move freely and let go of tight and painful muscles)
  • 19.30-20.45 Caerleon Town Hall, Church Street, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1AW.


  • Woodland Road Sports & Social Club, NP44 2DZ (Suitable for beginners/intermediates)
  • At present 2 classes 9:30-10;30 and 11:00 – 12:00 due to restrictions


  • 09:30 am – 11:00 am Beechwood House, Beechwood Park, Newport NP19 8AJ


Wear loose, comfortable clothing and eat a meal at least two hours before class (keep it light if less than two).

Yoga is non-competitive, so listen to your body and relax into postures – don’t overstretch and don’t strain.

Appreciate all that you can do – don’t worry about what you can’t do.

Don’t be put off if some exercises seem strange. All postures have a specific purpose and benefit.

Most importantly, enjoy your yoga!