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Finding balance
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“If like me you thought you had to feel the burn or sweat within an inch of you life to feel you exercised — think again — yoga is a new found experience for me and Ive been lucky enough to find this class. Sue explains the reasons for the postures. she gives me a feeling I have been on a journey- I know I’ve exercised- I know I’ve meditated- I know I feel good.” — Sandy

“Yoga means union, coming together and that is what Sue does. She creates a beautiful open hearted welcoming class for all. She brings her genuine love and enthusiasm for yoga into her lessons. She creates a safe space for her pupils to listen to their bodies with kindness. She is a gentle, beautiful inspiring teacher full of love and laughter and who truly embodies the true meaning of yoga. Thank you Sue with all my heart.” — Sonya x

“I soon found out Yoga is not just away of keeping fit but creating a feeling of well-being — a convergence of mind breath and movement.” — David Kenning

“Each six week theme of Sue’s classes allow you go at your own pace and build confidence in your ability — an oasis of calm in my week.” — Sally

“As a beginner to Yoga starting in my 40’s, I found Sue’s classes welcoming, friendly, relaxing and energising. They flow from a series of well planned yoga moves which focus on your breath and mindfulness you stretch. She always demonstrates every move and encourages all ages to work at their own pace and level with valuable information about yoga from her wide experience. The classes focus your mind with a guided meditation at the start and end developing a sense of connection within ourselves. Yoga has helped me feel stronger and more focused in my body and spirituality. I look forward to continuing my journey.” — Vikki Jones

Sue’s class leaves you feeling energised and calm and ready to face the hectic pace of life, providing a combination of breathing techniques and exercise for all levels of ability. I have been amazed at what I can achieve from term to term.” — Sam

“Sue is everything you want a yoga teacher to be — Calm, kind, supportive and knowledgeable. I’d strongly recommend her classes and her retreats are a real treat.” — Amanda Norman

“Sue is a very good yoga teacher, I am 68 and the classes have helped me to become more flexible also it has helped me to sleep better.” — Michelle